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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products
Eastwood Mini Punch Weld ClampsEastwood Mini Punch Weld Clamps
Eastwood Drill Press V Block Fixture - 43369
Eastwood Flexible Strip Caulk BlackEastwood Flexible Strip Caulk Black
Eastwood Golden Cadmium Kit
Eastwood Eastwood Golden Cadmium Kit
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Eastwood 29 piece ratchetting bit set , hex, phillips, pozi, slotted, torx and tamper torx fasteners with a reversible ratcheting action and simple on-off engagement of bits from PPC Co AustraliaEastwood 29 piece ratchetting bit set, perfect as it fits in your pocket from PPC Co Australia
Eastwood Trim Anvil with Stand
Eastwood Buffing & Polishing Kit
Eastwood Glass Polishing Kit - Deep ScratchingEastwood Glass Polishing Kit - Deep Scratching
Eastwood 37" curve template, duplicates complex shapes quickly.  Copy and repeat accurate cuts up to 3" longEastwood 37" curve template, see how it is done
Eastwood Rod Forming ToolEastwood Rod Forming Tool
Eastwood 4" Metal Bender Capable of generating a powerful 2/12 tons of pressing force to create 90 degree of less repeatable bends in mild steel and aluminium up t 4" wide from PPC Co AustraliaEastwood Metal Bender EW-20521 how to
Eastwood Tube Straightener
Eastwood Air Shears - EW- 13743 make clean cuts in metal up to 18 gauge.  use in auto body shops, sheet metal shops, machine shops and you own garage. Cuts tthrough most metals and plastics. Slices through up to 18-gauge metal, without chips from PPC Co AustraliaEastwood Air Shears EW-13743 from PPC Co Australia
Eastwood Eastwood Air Shears
Sale price$152.00
Eastwood Paintless Dent Removal Kit - 16145Eastwood Paintless Dent Removal Kit - 16145
Eastwood Sheet Metal Plug Hole Patch KitEastwood Sheet Metal Plug Hole Patch Kit

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