Eastwood Blast Out Of A Bucket Intro Kit

Size: Blast out of a Bucket Kit
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Eastwood Blast Out of a Bucket is the solution for those fast blasting jobs.


  • High Performance Blast Gun Assembly
  • Draws 14in Hg of vacuum @ 80 PSI.
  • 5’ Suction Hose
  • Pick Up Tube & Clamps
  • 3 Replacement Nozzles
  • 1 Replacement Jet

Requires at least 7 CFM @ 80 PSI of clean dry air.

Just connect it to your compressed air supply and drop the pick-up tube into a bucket, bag or box of media, suit up in your protective gear and go blasting. Provides a method to strip away old paint and coatings, body fillers, accumulated dirt and minor to moderate rust leaving a clean, bare metal surface ready for local damage repair or painting.

Abrasive media is not included and sold separately.

Abrasive blasting with a professional gun at a price that anyone can afford. No need for a large blast cabinet that your project might not fit in or a pressure blaster that takes up a large space in your garage. This kit enables you to fill a spare bucket with media connect to compressed air and blast away rust and grime on your project anywhere.

Replacement Parts EW-21135 Replacement Nozzle Foot Pedal Gun

EW-21133 Blast Cabinet Foot Pedal Gun


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