PPC Professional Redline Powder Coating Gun 240volt EZ100

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Red Line EZ 100 Powder Coating Gun

With KV adjustable up to 100 this powder coating guns offers maximum powder wrap at a great price. perfect for the serious hobbyist or light duty job shop use.

100% Brand New RedLine EZ100 Powder Coating Gun. This gun is extremely easy to use and makes for lightning fast color changes! Additional Powder Cups are available for even quicker changes & storage.

▶   Truly portable unit - No control box or extra wires!
▶   Full adjustable 20-100 KV directly on the back of the gun
▶   ForceFeed technology for the perfect volume
▶   Light weight and perfectly balanced gun for optimum comfort
▶   Long powder cord & grounding clip allow for maximum mobility

What's in the box:
▶   Red Line EZ100 Powder Coating Gun
▶   (1) Powder Cup - Additional Powder Cups are available for even quicker changes & storage.
▶   Wall Mount Adapter (input 100-270V AC 50-60 Hz. Output 12VDC 1 amp Rating) (NO transformer required)
▶   10' ground cable with connecting clip
▶   (3) Additional powder flow deflectors (12MM, 19MM & 25MM)
▶   Start Up Guide & User Manual

Portable: No control panel, no hopper and no messy cables, wires or tubes – truly portable charging

Voltage: Electrostatic charging voltage up to 100 kV directly at the gun tip. The charging voltage can be varied from 20 - 100 kV from the kV controller on the gun itself. The entire control electronics along with the high voltage generator is miniaturized and fitted inside the gun itself.

Powder Flow: The ForceFeed Technology ensures that the powder flow is smooth and puff free and can be controlled from a whisper to a thick cloud with the flow controller on the powder gun itself. Powder flow is similar to that experienced only in higher-end industrial machines.

Power supply: The RED LINE EZ100 powder gun is powered by a special Heavy Duty but compact direct wall-socket mounting 12 VDC power adapter which accepts 100-240V AC. Supplied with a 3 Meter (10 ft) power cable and ground cable with a large clip.

Indicators: The RED LINE EZ100 comes with a specially designed bright and large Digital kV Meter on the rear of the gun. The LED next to the HV controller indicates when the gun is charging. Powder cup: This 750ml cup takes about 1 pound of powder and fits on top. This light-weight and user-friendly powder gun makes for ease in coating for longer periods of time.

Accessories: A set of different sized powder deflectors to create different sized powder clouds and the flat spray pattern (fan pattern) generator nozzle – popular with many professional and industrial powder

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