Eastwood Rod Forming Tool

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Easily Form Steel, Stainless, Aluminium Rod and Flat Stock:

Put the right curves into your steel and aluminium rods using this small metal tubing bender. The tool mounts in your bench vise to create repeatable bends of 180 degrees or more in round, flat and square tubes. A rod forming tool is often used to create exhaust system hangers and brackets. It’s also great for hood prop rods, pegboard hooks, wire storage racks and ornamental metal art. The industrial design and construction produce strong leverage to complete the best in seconds. Use it on round stock with a diameter up to 3/8-inch or on ½-inch wide flat stock up to 3/16-inch thick.

Five forming dies with diameters between a ½-inch and 1.5 inches are included with our metal rod bending tool. This produces a lot of options for gradual curves, sharp hooks and everything in-between. See the tool in action by visiting the Eastwood Garage. We offer many ways to form metal that have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Eastwood Rod Forming Tool Features:

  • Easily mounts in most vises
  • Creates bends in round, flat or square stock
  • Make bends from 1/2" to 1-1/2" ID over 180 degrees
  • Bend steel, stainless and aluminium rods up to 3/8" diameter
  • Bend flat stock up to 1/2" wide and 3/16" thick

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