Eastwood Golden Cadmium Kit

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The Eastwood Golden CAD KIT EW-16160Z allows you to easily replicate the look of Golden CAD plating on your parts and hardware.

  • Easy to use 3-step kit
  • Economical
  • Replicates the look of Golden CAD plating

Use the Golden CAD kit to replicate the look of Golden Cad plating. This kit is economical and easy to use. It’s just a three-step process that you can do in your own driveway.

Lay down the golden base and then use the red and green to lightly tint the part.

Usage: This achieves the perfect “new” look for brake boosters, caliper brackets, striker plates and more

. Easily customize and restore parts and hardware on your automotive projects without the big cost. 

Kit includes :

1 x 132 gram can of golden tint, 1 x 142 gram can of red tint, 1 x 142 gram can of green tint.

Coverage: 1/2 square metre

Eastwood Golden Cadmium Aerosol - Need just a little more Golden CAD to get you project done, we have you covered.

Golden CAD is an economical method of replicating the appearance of Golden CAD Plated parts. You can easily restore components with this easy to use system. (16160Z) This is a single replacement can of Golden CAD step #1 and is to be used if you run out of the Golden CAD that comes with the 16160Z Golden Cad Kit. One can covers approximately 1/2 square metre.

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