Eastwood Contour DSB Dustless Sanding Block System EW-65500

Eastwood Contour DSB Dustless Sanding Block System: Eastwood Contour DSB Dustless Sanding Block System
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Laser straight panels with almost no mess when using the Eastwood Contour DSB Dustless Sanding Block System. No reason to wait for a perfect day to sand outside. Sand inside without worrying about rain, cold, hot sun or other elements that delay your project. Get great results with the benefit of a clean workspace.

  • No Mess: DSB System removes more than 95% of the sanding dust
  • Stay Clean: No dust on your clothes or tracked through your garage and house
  • Laser Straight Panels: Slightly flexible block with rigid base conforms to bodylines
  • Work Year-Round: No dust means you can sand in your garage all year without the mess
  • Vacuum Technology: Holes in sandpaper align with holes in sanding blocks
  • Save Money: Paper lasts longer because clogging and loading is greatly reduced
    • Save Time: Less time cleaning and replacing paper because of clogging
    • vacuum system removes more than 95% of sanding dust
    • Perfectly straight panels and show car results
    • Easy to use and get great results
    • Sanding blocks are slightly flexible to conform to body lines
    • Keep your shop and yourself clean
    • Sand primers and fillers
    • Vacuum technology greatly extends paper life and prevents paper clogging
    • Includes 11 inch sanding block, hose, flow regulator and vacuum hose adapter
    • 5" and 16" blocks available separately and can be added to your cart in the Frequently Bought Together Section
    • All standard sandpaper grits are available - Eastwood Elite Contour DSB Dustless Sandpaper.
    • Center mounted hose on sanding block allows for proper hand placement and level sanding
    • Uses PSA Sandpaper for flattest sanding and best results (hook & loop has a soft layer that can cause waves)
    • Great for sanding drywall
    • Fits 1.25" & 1.75" vacuum hoses (other size adapters available at most hardware stores)
    • Patent Pending

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