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Eastwood Paint less Dent Removal Kit EW-16145

Eastwood Paint less Dent Removal Glue Sticks EW-16146 (can be bought as extras)

  Pull dents out of metal body panels like a pro with this DIY dent removal kit. Thanks to our at-home dent remover system, small fender benders or a stone to the door no longer have to mean an expensive trip to the body shop. We provide everything you need to restore the metal without even needing touch-up paint.

Why do you need an Eastwood Paint less Dent Removal Kit?

  • Saves money on costly dent repairs
  • Improve appearance and increase value
  • Removes dents without damage to the paint
  • Enhances the look and increases the value of your vehicle
  • Comes with professional-use components

NOTE - Not recommended for plastic bumper covers and trim pieces.

Get the perfect solution for paint less dent repair when you order this kit. The Eastwood dent removal tool kit comes with everything you need for fast and effective repairs It’s designed specifically for use on automotive sheet metal, saving you money on professional dent removal and allowing you to avoid expensive paint work.

DIY Dent Repair at Home

This car dent remover kit contains dent puller tools along with other easy-to-use components for reversing shallow dents and dings. Our paint less dent repair how-to guide below walks you through the simple process provides helpful tips for how to use each of the paint less dent repair tools. We’ve also created multiple videos showing step-by-step how to remove dents on cars and trucks. In just minutes, you’ll be able to reverse dents from hail damage, parking lot dings and other common minor dents.


Select the Plastic Pull Button that best matches the size and shape of the dent to be pulled. Generally, the very centre of a dent is the best placement however larger dents may benefit from multiple pulls from different locations.

Using a non-permanent type marker or masking tape, trace a circle around the outside of the planned location of the Pull Button

Eastwood Paintless Dent Repair Removal Kit
Eastwood Paintless Dent Repair Removal Kit

Immediately apply the face of the Pull Button to the previously outlined area and hold firmly in place for 10 to 15 seconds.

Wait several minutes for the heated glue to solidify then hook the slotted feature of either the Levered Puller or Slide Hammer shaft over the “T” feature of the Pull Button. Operate the chosen pulling device to remove damage.


Fill the Aluminium Spray Bottle 3/4 full of denatured alcohol (not included).

Apply the denatured alcohol liberally to the glue area while using the Nylon Scraper to gently wedge between the Pull Button and paint surface.

Carefully remove glue with provided nylon scraper. Note: Be careful if using on a vehicle that has been resprayed. The paint is not bonded as well as a factory finish and may lift.

Eastwood Paintless Dent Repair Removal Kit





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