Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

The following is a brief guide on some frequently asked questions...

Do I need to use Marine Clean and Metal Ready every time I use Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint?

No. It will depend on what you are doing - here are some quick guides...

Painting a rusty gate or general farm machinery - as long as it is clean just wire brush, dry and paint with Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint.

I want to do some general car repairs, around the windows, doors and sills etc.

Just prep around the rusted area, and remove as much rust as you can by hand, again if the area is clean, use some Metal Ready to remove rust and prep both new shiny metal or old rusty metal, Metal Ready will also take any weld scale off, rinse with water, allow to dry and paint with Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint.

I want to paint my floor pan / chassis / underbody areas.

These areas are normally heavily contaminated with just about everything - oils, waxes, grease, dirt etc. The use of Marine Clean is very important in these areas, because without it the whole paint system performance, can break down. Rinse well, follow with Metal Ready, rinse and dry. Then apply Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint.

I've just sandblasted some steel, do I need Marine Clean and Metal Ready?

No, just paint it with Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint - the surface is already cleaned and keyed.

When painting Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint on aluminium should you always use Metal Ready?

Yes, and generally the use of Marine Clean is also advisable.

Will Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint stick to wood or concrete?

Yes, Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint will stick to just about anything, as long as the surface is clean, and it has something to stick to, eg. the surface has some profile.

Can I recoat Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint with any paint?

Yes, Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint is compatible with all paints. Just be sure to follow the recoating directions.

How do I topcoat Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint? - the three options

1. Apply topcoat within 48 hours (12 hours for non POR 15® topcoats) of the last coat of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint being touch dry.

2. Apply our Tie-Coat primer - at any stage from touch dry.

3. Allow surface to fully cure (96 hours) sand Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint - this is not an easy job, on such a tough surface.

We recommend option 1 or 2, as being the simplest and most cost effective.

Why do I need to "topcoat" over Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint anyway?

You don't unless the Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint will be exposed to sunlight (UV rays tend to discolour the finish) or you are after a definite colour. For example the Black Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint will go completely matt with UV exposure.

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