Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint RUST Paint - DIRECTIONS FOR USE

Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint RUST Killer - DIRECTIONS FOR USE

Please note: This product is unlike any other paint or coating you have used in the past. Please take time to carefully read the instructions from beginning to end before using Bill Hirsch. In addition, we have provided you with questions and answers and also tips and supplementary information. Please also read instructions on the label of the can. Reading this material will better acquaint you with Bill Hirsch and enable you to achieve a superior result.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint is a rust preventive paint designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces. It dries to a rock-hard, non-porous finish that won't chip, crack, or peel, and it prevents rust from re-occurring by protecting metal from further exposure to moisture. Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint is sensitive to UV light (sun) and must be top coated for prolonged exposure to sunlight. Topcoating is not required for areas not exposed to sunlight.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Rusted surfaces are best; seasoned metal and sandblasted surfaces are also good.

TO COAT SMOOTH METAL SURFACES (ie new metal, or any aluminium / galvanising): Surface must be dry and free of grease, oil or other foreign substances which can be removed with our water based product Marine Clean, use of solvent based preps is not recommended. use PPC METAL READY to prepare surface before painting. Use of "rust converter" product is not recommended as they may affect bonding of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint to metal. Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint likes to adhere to surfaces with a "tooth" rather than smooth, glossy surfaces.

SANDBLASTED SURFACES: Apply Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint Rust Preventive Paint directly to the sandblasted surface.

SEASONED OR RUSTED METAL: First, wire brush loose rust and scale. Then remove any grease or oil with PPC Marine Clean and prep with PPC Metal Ready. Do not use Solvent based cleaners.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: STIR CONTENTS OF CAN THOROUGHLY before painting. Do not shake. Then dispense a quantity of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint into a separate container and seal can immediately, ensuring the groove is free of paint, use gladwrap between the lid and the can. Refrigerate unused portion of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint for longer shelf life.

NOTE: left over portions of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint should not be put back into the can as this will shorten its shelf life. Apply Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint in thin coats. Minimum of 2 coats for general use, and minimum of 3 coats for Marine or Industrial use. Topcoat when final coat is dry but with slight remaining finger-drag, usually 3-5 hours.

MULTIPLE COAT APPLICATION: Apply second coat when first coat is tacky but almost dry (minimum 3 to 5 hours and not longer than 12). If first coat is fully cured (more than 12 hours old), wet sand first coat with 600 grit sandpaper until gloss is dulled. Next, apply the second coat of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint. Use same procedure for subsequent coats.

SPRAY APPLICATION: Use 250 Kpa (30-35 lbs) pressure for normal gloss. Reduce pressure for lower gloss 200 Kpa (20-25 lbs). Thin only with PPC Solvent, if necessary, no more than 10%.

TOP COAT APPLICATION OVER Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint PRIOR TO FINISH PAINT IF USING PRIMER: The U Pol Acid 8 Primer provides an excellent sandable primer, that can be applied over Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint from touch dry to up 24hrs before sanding is required the only requirement that the surface be free of grease, oil & foreign substances. If using another primer then use the following method: after the last coat of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint has been applied, wait approximately 2 hours until the Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint coating is tacky; then apply a light dust coat of primer and let dry. Next, apply a full coat of primer and follow normal top coating procedures. If primer is lacquer based, apply dust coat only after Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint is dry to touch, or to topcoat a cured Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint surface with a etch primer like U Pol Acid, wet sand with 600 grit until gloss is dull and then prime.

CLEAN UP: Use PPC Solvent or lacquer thinner for cleanup, which must be done before Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint dries; once dry, Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint cannot be removed by solvent. Avoid skin contact. Remove from skin at once to avoid temporary staining. USE OF GLOVES AND VENTILATING EQUIPMENT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. NOTE: Organic vapour particulate respirators, NIOSH/MSHA approved must be used when spraying. Moisture will shorten the life of unused paint. Seal can immediately after using.

SHELF LIFE: Unopened can 2 years or more. Opened can, properly used with decanting out of the can, resealing with gladwrap or similar up to 12 months.

MARINE TIPS: The most common reason for failure of Miracle Paint in the marine application is the presence of moisture, miniscule droplets of water remain trapped in the rust and applying heated drying will remove this. Always apply a minimum of 3 coats of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint followed with good quality topcoats (normally 2 coats). Topcoating is essential below the waterline topcoat, then apply antifoul.

In bilge areas always make sure the area is dry (heat gun/hair dryer) before applying Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint, because these areas are always trouble spots.

In areas that have been extremely rusty, i.e.many millimeters of metal has been corroded away, this can create a very porous surface, it is likely to soak up preparation products like Metal Ready, that then leach out later.

The best method of dealing with this is to give it all a good chip - removing all loose rust, then a light clean with a diluted mix of Marine Clean. Rinse with water, then use a heat gun to thoroughly dry out the metal.

Paint with a minimum of 3 coats of Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint. In heavily rusted areas, apply a coat of Black, Clear or Grey first, not Silver (in some cases you will get a cosmetic rust colour bleed through).

Silver can then be applied as a second or subsequent coat for its high fill characteristics.


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