PPC METAL READY Rust Remover and Pre-primer - Etches

Size: 4 litre
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Rust remover and Pre-primer -  It Etches metal and leaves a Zinc Phosphate coating.  Water based non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-corrosive.

USAGES: Removes rust by dissolving it.   Etches metal to provide a better surface. The metal is left ready to paint. It promotes better paint adhesion.  Improves welding conductivity.  Removes rust stains from non-metallic surfaces - porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass.  PPC Metal Ready is not a long term rust killer.  It is preparation of metal to a surface for paint. It will hold a metal surface for about 2 weeks before it will need painting.

Keep it wet for 20-30min. for it to work. Wash off  (water) and dry well. It will leave a salt and pepper, some orange patches look, with a little white powder. You're good to go.

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