PPC MARINE CLEAN - (Water Based) Cleans and degreases in one application

Size: 4 litre
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This is important when you are using Direct to Metal Paints (DTM). Solvent based cleaners can leave a residue. Marine Clean leaves no residues, has no noxious fumes or flammable solvents.   No Petroleum products are used.  A mixture of organic and inorganic materials. 

 USAGE: For Cleaning and De greasing: Use to de grease, metal, cars, boats, trailers, steel beams, machine parts, turbine blades, diesel engines, compressors, transformers, bulkheads, deck places bilge areas.  Use anywhere you want to get rid of grease.  Can be used at home in a diluted form for all sorts of cleaning.

Removal of Oily deposits found in closed systems such as : Air conditioning, boiler tubes, compressor lines, heat exchanges and coils, light distillates, mineral oils, heavy grease.

Painted Surfaces: We sell to house cleaning companies before they repaint.

HOW TO: Dilution can be as weak as 90/10 i.e. 10 % Marine Clean to 90% water up to what we normally use it at 50:50. It's stronger than it looks. Leave on for 1/2 and hour.  Then wash off. Dry well before painting. It does need time to work and must be liquid, i.e. if it dries spray more on.

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