Eastwood X-MAT Under hood and Head liner

Style: X-MAT Sound Deadener
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Eastwood Z-MAT Under hood and Head liner Eliminate road noise, body panel vibration and excess heat from your vehicle!

  • X-MAT® Lightweight Sound and Audio Barrier provides the ultimate in acoustic and thermal protection for your muscle car, street rod, boat or RV
  • Lightweight X-Mat with 2 layers offering great temperature and sound reduction capabilities
  • Closed-cell foam with waffled foil facing supplied in one sheet for large areas
  • Easily trimmed and installed under roof panels under hoods, trunks and more so you can enjoy your ride in greater comfort
  • Conforms well to complex interior contours and shapes
  • Withstands up to  177 degree C reduces heat as much as 41 degrees C and sound by as much as 8dB
  • Covers 1.3 square metres

 Includes 1 sheet 51In. x 39In. x 1/4In.

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