Eastwood Under-hood Black Low Gloss / Underhood Matte Black Aerosol

Color: Matte Black
Size: Aerosol
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Eastwood Under hood Black Low Gloss Aerosol EW-10024Z is just right 10 - 20 % semi-gloss finish for most radiator supports, inner fender walls, under-hood brackets and other under-hood parts.

The matte formula duplicates the near-zero gloss finish you find in many older cars.

Resists chipping, scratching and light impacts.

Coverage: 1/2 square metre per 312 grm aerosol can

10% to 20% Low semi gloss finish

Eastwood Underhood Black Matte Aerosol  EW- 12032Z is the correct shade of black, having just the right matte finish many older car manufacturers used on radiator supports, inner fenders, firewalls, under hood brackets, and other parts. Hardware store black paints are either too thick, too glossy, or the wrong colour. Just clean, degrease, and prepare the parts well, then spray on for a "factory-like" finish. This acrylic lacquer withstands up to 250° F and goes on thin for a smooth finish that will not hide surface details. Made in the USA.

Coverage approx 1/2 square metre

.5%-9% Gloss Level.

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