Eastwood Tubing Deburring Tool EW-30448

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  Eastwood Tubing De-Burring Tool 

Guarantee a perfect flare every time by deburring the rough-cut end of the tube with this handheld metal smoothing tool. The first step to flaring a custom brake or fuel line is having perfectly clean ends before you start. With this tube deburring tool, you can clean up the inside diameter of any sized line from 1/8-inch to ½-inch and the outside diameter of any sized line from 5/32-inch to 9/16-inch. It has high-stretch steel cutting blades with an inner deburring blade on one end and an outer deburring slot on the other. The retractable inner blades make it safe to store in your toolbox between uses.

  • Deburrs rough cut tubing ends for perfect flares
  • Works on all common metal hard lines
  • Handles inside diameter lines from 1/8 in to 1/2 in
  • Handles outside diameter lines from 5/32 in to 9/16 in
  • Cleans both inside & outside diameter of lines

If you are going to flare your own custom-length hard lines, this tool will make the process that much easier. DIYers can use it on all common brake line materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and more. If you have a major restoration project or frequently create and replace brake lines, this handy tubing deburring tool makes it easy to clean up the ends before you start for better flares that fit tightly. 

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