Eastwood Trunk Paint Black/Aqua Spatter Finish

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Black/Aqua Trunk Paint matches factory "spatter" finish and color to perfection.

  • Withstands up to 93 degrees C
  • Mixture of water- and solvent-based pigments
  • 340 grams aerosol covers 1/2 square metre
  • Topcoat with Eastwood Diamond Clear, 2K AeroSpray or 2K DuraSpray
Aerosol spray paint matches the original multi-color black/aqua spatter finish you've seen in trunks. We suggest you topcoat with Eastwood Diamond Clear (10007Z), or for ultimate durability and protection, Eastwood 2K AeroSpray or 2K DuraSpray Clear (item 55053Z or see Frequently Bought Together section).

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