Eastwood Stainless Steel Replication Detail Paint

Size: Aerosol 340 gram
Sale price$42.00

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Eastwood Stainless Steel Replication Detail Coating Aerosol is formulated to capture the look of die cast and stamped steel.

  • Replicates Bare Steel Look
  • Protects From Corrosion
  • Maximum Temperature 149 Degree C

Ideal for brackets, trim pieces, and so much more.


• Cured Thickness 2mil
• Matte coating with a 4-15% gloss level
• 250 hours of UV and 250 corrosion protection
• Good resistance to Brake Fluid, Gasoline and Acetone
• Excellent resistance to antifreeze and motor oil
• Heat resistant up to 149 degree C
• Covers approximately 1/2 square metre

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