Eastwood Solder Tallow

Size: 1lb/454 gram
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Eastwood Solder Tallow - EW-31016

A clean, efficient method for lubricating solder paddles. Just flash your torch tip in the tallow tin and put your solder paddle in the melted tallow. Keeps lead from sticking to the paddle.

Clean, efficient method for lubricating solder paddles

When using lead, NEVER SAND LEAD, FILE ONLY! Wear proper respiratory protection. When melted, the temperature should be kept as low as possible.The respirator should have a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter, also known as a N100 filter. Where airborne exposures may exceed OSHA/ ACGIH permissible air concentrations, the min. respiratory protection recommended is a negative pressure air purifying respirator w/cartridges that are NIOSH/MSHA approved against dust, fumes & mists having a TWA not less than 0/05 MG/CU M. Always follow all instructions and warnings and wear proper eye, ear, skin and respiratory protection. When using chemicals always consult MSDS and product data sheets for proper safety precautions.


Eastwood Soldering Tallow 1 lb/454 grams Lubricating Solder Paddles Paddle Lube Prevents Sticking Car Welding Tool

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