Eastwood Self-Etching Weld Thru Primer - Aerosol

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Eastwood Self Etching Weld thru Primer - EW12899Z

Eastwood's Self-Etching Weld-Thru Primer combines the benefits of a weld-thru and the capabilities of a traditional self-etching primer.

▶   Enhances adhesion and durability of top coats
▶   Prevents corrosion and reduces spatter
▶   Non-conductive organic binders
▶   Gray color

This unique self-etching primer formula has organic binders that replace conductive heavy metals such as copper and zinc. These organic binders will burn off during the welding process, leaving a corrosion-resistant self-etching primer for paint prep. This product will reduce spatter and distortion caused by excessive heat that occurs during the welding process. Compatible with MIG, TIG and Arc welding. The metal-etching primer will enhance adhesion and durability and is compatible with most top coats.

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