Eastwood Powder Coating Powder Ultra Clear Low Temp Topcoat

Size: 1lb/454gram bag
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Eastwood Powder Coat Ultra Clrar Lo-Temp Topcoat - EW10329LB 454 grams

Provides a deep great-looking 90-95% gloss. Do The Job Right with Eastwood Powders!

  • Provides extremely durable finish
  • Contains no environmentally harmful solvents
  • 100% Virgin powder
  • Impact resistant and flexibility
  • Good chemical resistance

Eastwood Powders are far superior to liquid coatings. They provide an extremely durable finish that is chip resistant. All Powders are formulated of the highest quality materials and are chemical and fuel resistant. Eastwood Powders are durable enough for under hood applications and heat resistant up to 121 degree C. They are suitable for any metal surface and most cure at a temperature of 204 degree C at 20 minutes after flow out. With Eastwood powders, you can be assured of high transfer efficiency and brilliant colors.


Color: Clear
Gloss Level: Gloss 90-95
Cure Temperature: 171 degree C
Cure Time: 20 Minutes after flowout
Powder Type: Polyester TGIC
Finish: Smooth
Coverage: 1lb/454 grams of powder is approximately 4 square metres

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