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Add character, shine and protection to any vehicle or custom-fabricated part by covering it in Eastwood HotCoat Single-Stage Metallic Clear Powder Coat. This special effect powder produces a deep, striking high-gloss finish with special fine sparkle flakes. It can be applied over any of our other powder coat colors for a metallic effect with the most dramatic results over dark colors. You can use it over urethanes, single-stage coatings, engine paints and many other coatings as well to enhance the look of custom projects.


Our Starlight Clear Powder is the perfect complement to the HotCoat collection for dazzling effects. Eastwood powders are far superior to liquid coatings, providing an extremely durable finish that is chip-resistant and color-fast. All powders are formulated from the highest quality materials that are chemical- and fuel-resistant. Our HotCoat finishes are also durable enough for under-hood applications and remain heat-resistant at temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. They are suitable for any metal surface, including sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum. Most cure at a temperature of 400 degrees F for 20 minutes after flow-out. With Eastwood powders, you can be assured of high transfer efficiency and brilliant colors.


Your custom hot rod or restoration will twinkle at all hours when it has this powder coated metallic clear coat. We offer it in quantities ranging from 8-ounce bottles for small parts and projects up to massive 50-pound bags to coat trucks and muscle cars. Watch our how-to video above or read our Eastwood Garage article about Adding Custom Effects to Powder Coat for free expert advice. The Eastwood team is also available by phone and email to answer questions. Do The Job Right with Eastwood powders!

  • Provides extremely durable finish
  • Contains no environmentally harmful solvents
  • 100% Virgin powder
  • Impact resistant and flexibility
  • Good chemical resistance


Color: Metallic Clear
Gloss Level: Gloss 85-95
Cure Temperature: 191 degree C
Cure Time: 20 Minutes after flowout
Powder Type: Polyester
Finish: Smooth
Coverage: 1lb/ 454 grams of powder is approximately 10-20 sq. ft./4 square metres

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