Eastwood Powder Coating Beginner's Guide

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Powder coating is becoming increasingly popular as a nearly indestructible alternative to regular paint. Now Eastwood brings “Beginning Powder Coating”, a 52 page handbook to help you learn to do it like a pro. Covers all aspects from what you need to get started, to tips for applying the coating, and even advanced techniques. Guides you though every common issue that can go wrong, and how to fix it when it does. Handbook is softbound with a plastic binding so it can be laid flat in the shop for easy reference.

  • 1. What it is & How it Works.
  • 2. Safety & Warnings.
  • 3. What’s Needed To Begin
  • 4. Preparing & Supporting Objects
  • 5. Applying Powder.
  • 6. Advanced Techniques.
  • 7. Problems, Causes & Solutions.
  • 8. F. A. Q.
  • 9. Advanced Equipment for the Next Level.
  • 10. Glossary.

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