Eastwood Pneumatic Rivet Tool & Rivet Tips

Size: Eastwood Pneumatic Rivet Tool
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The Eastwood Rivet Gun is a heavy-duty professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many years of reliable service.

  • 4500 blows per minute
  • Only 2.8cfm requirement at 90 PSI
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Accepts standard .401 shank tools

It features a high-performance 4500 bpm (blows per minute) design for quick and efficient operation. Accepts any standard 0.401" Parker Taper shank Rivet Sets and other air hammer tool bits.

Variable tips - EW-20142 Rivet Tip for Gun - 1/8"

Variable tips- EW-20143 Rivet Tip for Gun 3/16"

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