Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black

Color: Black Satin
Size: 946ml
Sale price$110.00

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Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black GLOSS Finish - 946ml - EW-11173ZP

Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black SATIN Finish - 946ml - EW-11176ZP

Extreme Chassis Black Gloss has 3X the resins of traditional under coatings, so it's tough enough for any undercarriage component

▶   Helps seal rust, and improves resistance against chips and scratches
▶   Matches OEM automotive paint
▶   Apply multiple coats without lifting

Note: This paint can not be applied over top of self-etching primers

3 times more resins make it 3times more durable than our original Chassis Black coating. This maximum-durability, 85%-gloss auto chassis paint formula offers improved resistance to brake fluid, fuel, solvent, chips and scratches. Average-sized frame typically requires 2.2 square metres to 5 square metres of coverage.

Coverage: 4 square metres. Time between coats 15 - 20 minutes

 Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black SATIN -  AEROSOL- EW-11175z

Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black GLOSS - AEROSOL- EW-11172Z

Coverage per Aerosol - 3/5 square metre - 340 grm Aerosol


Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black PRIMER AEROSOL - EW11193Z

Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black® Primer is a professional-quality primer for use over bare metal, under Original or Extreme Chassis Black, to assure maximum adhesion and chip-resistance. Extreme Chassis Black can be scuffed but not sanded. 10% gloss.

For a more durable Extreme Chassis Black finish on bare metal, start with this Extreme Chassis Black Primer.

Epoxy-fortified it is the perfect foundation formulated specifically for Extreme Chassis Black and original Chassis Black.

It maximises adhesion and improves chip resistances.

Coverage 400ml aerosol covers 1 square metres

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