Eastwood Engine Porting Kit

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Engine Porting Kit can help your engine generate more power

Build the best performance engine or restore like-new performance to your older powerplant using Eastwood cylinder head porting tools and accessories. When serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and exhaust ports for smoother airflow. The engine can then "breathe" easier, resulting in greater power and efficiency. Not only can this engine head porting kit help your engine generate more horsepower and torque, but it will also improve fuel efficiency, giving you more miles to the gallon as you roar around a track or down the highway.

  • Increase horse power and torque on any engine
  • Industrial Aluminium Oxide sanding rolls, designed for both cast iron and aluminium cyl. heads
  • Highest quality components on the market today
  • Detailed inst. allow you to port both heads in an evening
  • Developed to work with air or electric 1/4" collet die grinders
  • Lowest cost "complete" professional level kit available
  • Watch the video below to see just how easy cylinder head porting is
  • A must for any performance engine build

These head porting tools are trusted by both DIYers and professionals for their engine builds or rebuilds. Each kit comes with 40 80-grit abrasive rolls (both tapered and cylindrical), two 4-inch mandrels, two 6-inch mandrels and complete instructions. You can finish both heads in one evening simply by following the instructions .

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