Eastwood Bead Roller Heavy Duty 8"

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This Elite bench vise bead roller from Eastwood is an affordable way to bend and crease metal panels in a solo shop. Our 8-inch Crank Bead Roller forms strengthening ribs and channels in steel, stainless and aluminium sheets. It’s also a great method for creating flanges and curves or shaping edges. Since the tool is secured by your vise (sold separately), you’ll have one hand free to turn the four-spoke crank and the other to guide the metal. Add the Bead Roller Drive System to transform it into a motorized roller.


Each compact manual bead roller comes with a 3/8-inch bead die set and offset die set, which are the most common for automotive projects. Other forming dies and accessories are available separately. It reaches to the centre of any panel up to 16 inches for making floor pans and patch panels or reinforcing existing parts. The Eastwood Garage is full of helpful videos and articles about how to use your bead roller. It has a one-year warrant and no-hassle returns so you can Do the Job Right.

Eastwood Elite 8" Heavy Duty Bead Roller Features:

  • 8" throat depth
  • Handles up to a 16" wide panel
  • Form 18 gauge steel, 20 gauge stainless, 16 gauge aluminium
  • Industry standard 22mm shafts
  • Gear-driven design delivers maximum forming power
  • Includes 3/8" Bead Die Set and Offset Die Set

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