Eastwood - Almost Chrome Paint - Aerosol

Size: Aerosol 340 grams
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Eastwood Almost Chrome Aerosol Paint 340grams - EW25292Z

"Almost Chrome" is the perfect chrome-look paint to spray on small parts "Almost Chrome" puts down a finish that looks almost like chrome plating...reflective enough to faintly see yourself in it.

▶   About 30% as reflective as a mirror
▶   Withstands temperatures up to 300℉
▶   Contains zinc for corrosion resistance
▶   Metallic enamel

This is the aerosol product not powder. Here's a paint that almost looks like chrome plating! Reflective enough to faintly see yourself in it. High distinctiveness of image. It's so reflective that normal gloss readings do not apply. Approximately 30% as reflective as a mirror. Great on under hood and chassis hardware, small brackets. Contains zinc for corrosion resistance.

Withstands temperatures up to 150 degrees C.

Coverage:  1/2 a square metre Metallic Enamel

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