Eastwood Aerosol Injected Cleaner - with nozzle

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Eastwood Aerosol Injected Cleaner 312grams - EW12846z

Eastwood's award-winning Aerosol-Injected Cleaning System directs a focused blast of cleaner to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach places

▶   Cleans Paint Guns and Equipment
▶   Brake, transmission and fuel lines
▶   Removes paint, grease, machining oils and other contaminants

Our Aerosol-Injected Cleaning System was the 2011 Winner of Popular Mechanic's™ Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Product Innovation and Design! One of the key reasons was the engineered taper of each can's nozzle that creates a tight seal to force the cleaner deep into the tool or tubing, without blowback.

Aerosol-Injected Cleaner is ideal for cleaning anything around the car, shop and home. 360-degree valve even sprays upside down! Unique two-piece injection system allows you to configure the application tips to your specific job. Can clip keeps extension nozzle from getting lost. The more you use this cleaning system, the more uses you'll find!

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