Bilt Hamber Ferrosol

Size: 500 ml
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Bilt Hamber Ferrosol

Ferrosol is a high-quality lubricant designed to penetrate close tolerances, free rusted together parts, displace water, restore electrical circuits and provide corrosion protection. Ferrosol contains unique molecules which, when subject to friction, bond electrochemically to metal surfaces, providing an effective barrier to wear. Independent laboratory tests confirm Ferrosol’s ability to massively outperform competing products.

So significant is Ferrosol’s anti-wear ability that the product is ideal for use in drilling, tapping and reaming to prolong tool life.

Ferrosol proves invaluable in applications where its extreme pressure capabilities and low surface tension allow it to penetrate and lubricate otherwise difficult to reach moving parts. As an example, injection mould ejector pins will show a great resistance to wear and binding when lubricated with Ferrosol, thus reducing expensive downtime.

Ferrosol provides excellent protection against wear and corrosion to hundreds of moving parts in automobiles and other vehicles.

Heavy industrial uses such a winches, chains and load bearing pivots and unions can be lubricated easily with Ferrosol; these high stress applications are historically deemed inappropriate for other penetrative lubricants. Ferrosol will continue to lubricate even when the visible oil film has gone.

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