Bilt Hamber Dynax UB

Size: 5 litre
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Bilt Hamber Dynax-UB | Cavity Wax for high protection Rust Proofing 750ml and 5 litre

This is a heavy duty version of the Dynax S50 designed to go on the underbody of cars.

It's a large (750ml) aerosol spray.

Jack the car up and spray liberally over the underside of the car/ trailer / caravan to protect it from rusting. Ideal for people who live close to the sea or use their vehicles on the beach.

Good for Boat trailers, it might not look pretty but it works.

It was designed for car underbody use in the UK with the salt spray on the icy roads, notorious for causing rust.

It won't crack like the bitumen based normal underbody protectors that dry out in time, crack and then allow water in to the metal with the invertible rust that follows.

It leaves a dark brown finish.

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