Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 Cavity Wax

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DYNAX S-50 Cavity wax with hard to reach applicator 

Dynax waxes are formulated with high performance anti-corrosive

properties for protection against corrosion. 

Dynax S-50 is designed for internal use, with a  long 62cm (2ft) thin spout.

Dynax S-50 comes in a large 750ml aerosol can.

  • A great Cavity Wax with a long thin 360 degree application
  • Ideal for all those difficult to get to places
  • Spray areas you can’t paint.
  • Great for use in box sections.
  • Leaves a self healing wax like surface.
  • Kills existing corrosion.
  • Creeps into seams and welded flanges.
  • Virtually odourless.       
  • 750ml    




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