Bilt Hamber Auto-Balm Polish Kit

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Bilt Hamber Auto Balm Polish Kit - Superior gloss protection system 

Auto-Balm is a unique product that provides protection and gloss to automotive paintwork, car bodywork, chrome and metal surfaces.

The result of thousands of hours of development and testing, Auto-Balm is a blend of synthesised, complex corrosion inhibiting molecules that lock together tightly, enabling them to remain functional in an ultra-thin, high-gloss film. Auto-Balm seals capillary pores in paintwork and provides an anti-corrosion barrier against stone chips and other damage sites on vehicle paintwork.

Auto-Balm will also protect and provide aa shine to chrome, aluminium and alloys. Auto-Balm is not an abrasive polish. If the vehicle’s bodywork is faded or in poor condition, the use of Cleanser-Polish is recommended before application.

A Comparison

Most automotive polishes and waxes are based on natural hard waxes such as carnauba and montan. Synthetic silicones and resins are also widely used, with or without waxes. When these products are buffed to produce the required shine, the ultra-thin films left provide very little protection at all.

Auto-Balm is applied sparingly to vehicle paintwork and after just a few moments buffed to produce a superb liquid-like deep gloss that enhances appearance and provides outstanding protection both to sound paint and damage sites. Auto-Balm provides unparalleled protection to alloys, chrome and other metal surfaces too. The long-lasting finish will increase time between polishing and provide far greater levels of protection than traditional polishes.


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