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POR-15® Caliper Painting Kit

Customizing calipers has never been easier with POR-15® Caliper Painting Kit.

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Product Code: CK-PAINT

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POR-15® Caliper Painting Kit

Dress Up Your Calipers!

Nothing ruins the appearance of a sharp set of wheels like dirty, corroded calipers lurking from behind.

Now dress up those steel or aluminum calipers with a super-tough durable finish that will make your car or truck look terrific.

Our new caliper paint is beautiful in appearance, and strong enough to withstand the punishment of road debris and temperature extremes. And it looks terrific on any car or truck.

Then, whenever your calipers get covered with dirt and brake dust, clean them with anything you like; the POR-15® Caliper Paint™ will stand up to just about anything.

Kit Contents:-

▶   946ml / 1 quart Caliper Cleaner
▶   13.5mls / 4 Oz POR-15 Rust Preventive paint
▶   227.3mls / 8oz Caliper Prep
▶   250mls Caliper Paint
▶   1 roll masking tape
▶   foam brushes
▶   Directions to the job right

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How to paint your brake calipers with POR15 Caliper Kit