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PPC Top Coat - Gloss Black

PPC Top Coat DTM paint may be applied directly to a clean and prepped bare metal surfaces. It provides professional grade rust protection.

Size: 400ml Aerosol

Product Code: PPCBCS

Excludes Courier Fee

Size: 400ml Aerosol

Product Code: PPCCCP

Excludes Courier Fee
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PPC Top Coat - Gloss Black

PPC's Tough Sh*t is exactly that. It's tougher than other Aerosol paints. It comes out a little thinner but wait till it hardens. Apply a few thin coats for best results. A durable hard, flexible non porous coating. This abrasion resistant black is not sensitive to UV light

It can be applied over other paints or used as a standalone direct to metal paint. Just like regular Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint it is strengthened by exposure to moisture, is flexible, non-porous, and very scratch and abrasion resistant.

Spray Tough Sh*T on frames, Car parts and in hundreds of other home and industrial uses, it is unsurpassed as the ultimate exterior protection for metal against rust and corrosion.

Tough Sh*t is good stuff......Available in Gloss and Semi Gloss


▶   Chassis
▶   Floors
▶   Boots
▶   Inner guards
▶   Wheel wells
▶   Inside body panels
▶   Leaf springs
▶   Suspension components
▶   Fuel tank exteriors
▶   Firewalls
▶   Trailers
▶   Machinery
▶   Truck & trailer units
▶   Automotive & marine engines


▶   Hand rails
▶   Hatchways
▶   Bollards
▶   Winches
▶   Trailers


▶   No UV sensitivity, hammer tough, non porous
▶   Self levelling - leaves no brush marks, high solids
▶   High spread rates
▶   High chemical resistance