Eastwood Contour SCT Finishing Drum 120 Grit

Paint, Rust Removal and Metal Conditioning.

Eastwood Contour SCT Finishing Drum 120 Grit- EW21972

The Eastwood Contour SCT Finishing Drum is to be used in light paint or rust removal applications or when finish surfacing bare metal. Each drum is 4 inches wide and 4.5 inches in diameter. 40% more abrasive material than the original SCT Abrasive Drum for longer life.


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Always wear all proper personal protecion equipment when using this type of tool. Never attempt to replace a SCT Drum with unit plugged in. Make sure to fully read and understand the instruction manual for this tool before use

Contour SCT Drum Buyers Guide - Multi-Use Tool for Removing Rust, Stripping Paint & Polishing Metal

No matter what the project, the Contour SCT has a drum right for you! This video goes over all the drums available for the Contour SCT and what they are best used for! .

  • Abrasive disc - does what you expect
    Just used to quickly clean off a 2" x 2" box tube surface of rust. works well with the SCT tool to quickly remove it all - just as you'd expect. (much quicker than using an angle grinder and a 4 1/2" equivalent disk!)
  • Great product aggressive stripper
    Tool is awesome this drum is grate Iv got one when I bought it can't ever get another one. Sure wish I could go to at store and buy the consumables or the where In stock more often. 50 bucks is pretty high priced for a sanding drum. I wore it out pretty fast