Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Direct to Metal Surfacer - 946 ml

Contour™ Sprayable High-Build Primer/Surfacer serves as an excellent base for any paint system.

Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Direct to Metal Surfacer - 946 ml - EW13522ZP

Contour™ Sprayable High-Build Primer/Surfacer serves as an excellent base for any paint system

▶   High-Build With Excellent Filling Capabilities
▶   Easy To Sand With No Shrinkage
▶   Excellent Adhesion To Metals, Fiberglass, and Body Fillers
▶   Includes hardener

2-component polyester primer/surfacer has excellent filling characteristics and superior adhesion to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, OE finishes, self-etching primers and body fillers.

Eastwood's Sprayable Polyester Primer-Surfacer is a 2-component high build sprayable body filler that serves as an excellent base for any paint system.It has excellent filling characteristics and superior adhesion to steel,aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, OE Finishes, self Etching Primers and body fillers.Its high solids and high build formula allows you to achieve a laser straight surface prior to painting. Includes catalyst

1 x Spray able Polyester Primer- Surfacer in Grey - 946ml
1 x tube of Liquid Hardener - 62ml



1. Surface must be clean and free of wax, grease and debris. Use Eastwood's PRE Painting Prep to remove all contaminants.

2. Sand/abrade surface
A. Body Filler & Putty: Rough sand with 80 grit, then 180-220 and featheredge with 320 grit
B. Untreated Steel, Galvanized and Aluminum: Sand with 80-180 grit
C. Painted Surfaces: Sand and featheredge using 80, 180 ,220 and finish with 320 grit.

3. Completely final sand surface with 320-400 grit paper and re-clean with PRE Painting Prep

MIX: 5% by weight Click here to view mix ratio chart


1.8mm to 2.5mm Fluid Tip Size, 35 to 40 PSI

Apply two or three medium wet coats as needed. Heavy wet coats should NOT be applied.

Dry spray may be removed be for recoating. Allow 90 minutes dry time before sanding at 68℉ (20℃). Finish with 220 grit followed by 320-400 grit

DRY TIMES AT 68℉ (20℃)

Flash: 5-10 minutes
To Sand: 90 minutes, over self etching primer: 4-6 hours
To Topcoat: 90 minutes, over self-etching primer: 4-6 hours
Force Dry: Purge 10 minutes, Bake: 30 minutes at 140℉ (60℃)
Pot Life: 30 minutes at 68℉ (20℃). If needed add 5-10% acetone to extend pot life.

Clean equipment with lacquer thinner immediately after use. This product is not meant for use below 60℉ (16℃), dry time and performance will be dramatically affected.

CAUTION: DO NOT return catalyzed material back into can. To avoid contamination, seal lid tightly after each use. Store in a cool dry place


msds Click here to view quart instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Always apply in a well-ventilated area. Consult MSDS and product label for specific safety warnings.

How To Choose Primers: Contour Polyester Primer Explained by Kevin Tetz

In this video, Kevin explains the characteristics and when to use polyester primer on your next project


msds Click for Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

  • Great Results, and I'm a novice!
    I'm no professional. I'm self taught from youtube, online forums and car rebuilding reality TV. I learned to paint to do customize my own guitars and evolved up to light body work when my brother asked if I thought I could paint a full car. Well, his "full car" was a fiero so that's really only half a car so it was a good stepping stone. I digress. I Recently bought a BLACK car, site unseen and had it delivered. Photos didn't show the amount of door dings, everywhere. I got it as flat as I could with metal work, some light filler and finished with contour primer. The 2.2 tip I purchased turned out to not be a 2.2, but much smaller, darn ebay anyway. I didn't check until it was spray time and I had the primer mixed. I didn't want to waste anything so I went for it anyway. I thinned it a bit more and yeah, I got a little extra texture because of the small tip, but it was easy to sand flat. I sprayed the black and clear this afternoon and it's perfect. With my prior repairs, I could almost always see where the ding was, just a little, and I couldn't ever find a solution... Again, I'm just a novice, moderate skills at on my best day. But this, even on the black, which we all know shows everything, it is perfect. Highly recommend and I just bought a couple cans to keep on hand for future use.
  • Ew contour polyester Primer Surfacer
    I bought two qts. If you use this the it says to use it . It works great . After I get paid from work . I will be getting a gallon . But you I am learning as I go . As I never restored a car before
  • Great primer, Great Value
    I have been doing body work professionally for 2 decades. I always heard that these polyester primers were not good. I took a gamble and bought some. I had the '57 Olds sandblasted. After repairing rust and finishing bodywork, I put on 3 coats. I used a 2.5 tip, and it sprayed very well. I mixed 1 quart and used it up so quickly I mixed 2 more, and from then on mixed 2 quarts at a time. Let it set over the weekend and sanded it with 120, and I was amazed at how easily it sanded. I then sadden it with 220. I did sand through the primer in a few spots and it feathered out very nicely, just like sanding through epoxy primer. This is much easier and more cost effective than skimming an entire panel with filler and sanding it all off to get it straight. I had to go back and put another 3 coats in some areas because the some spots were still low. I am very impressed and will keep using this as my go to preliminary primer before I use the black 2K urethane primer.
  • Not enough hardener
    This builds quickly, sands really good but does not come with enough hardener. Using a digital scale refrigerant scale I am out of hardener and still have 1-1/2" of primer in the gallon can. Also, if you add acetone to thin it dry time is maybe an hour. Using a 1.8 nozzle, I have to thin it to get it to spray otherwise it sprays like undercoating. Good stuff
  • Easy to work with and great results.
    I Used this product on a number of lower panels on an old Porsche that were pretty beat up. It was easy to shoot, two to three wet coats, and there were no runs or adhesion issues which was great as there were several different base mediums as a foundation. I blocked the primer and put two coats of color followed by my clear coat and everything came out great. Great product for working on a DIY project in the garage
  • Works great
    Vary happy with this primer. Works well sands well drys fast with no shrinking. Great build.
  • Unique
    Nwe'd a large tip to spray. Lays down nice, great build up.. I sprayed a 63 corvette. Didn't notice any shrinkage issues. Block sands very easily. Will use again on my 1953 Studebaker pickup.
  • Easy spraying, great coverage, sands easily
    I used Eastwood's Contour primer/surfacer with a LVLP gun and a 2.0 tip, without using a reducer. The primer sprayed smoothly and evenly. It sands easily. I applied this direct to metal for a motorcycle/sidecar restoration
  • Makes contouring irregular surfacers easier.
    Works great. Run a little acetone through your spray gun before using and clean gun immediately after spraying surfacer. It's a very rapid setting epoxy.
  • Contour Poly Ester Spray Primer
    Polyester Primers are very different than using traditional 2K primers. I like how this product builds. I also recommend not applying more than two cots in 24 hours. Given enough time to harden I wet sanded the body with 220 then finished with 320. I would even recommend 400 wet block sanding with a spray bottle.. wash the car really good after. I do like the product a lot..
  • great product
    I purchased this after purchasing a gallon of Eastwoods Expoxy Primer(which was also a great product)this filler lays down nice a sands extremely easy will purchase again
  • Good product!
    I had originally shot my car with another type of polyester primer/surfacer (which I had no complains with) but needed to come back to a few additional panels and decided to try this. It sprayed out very nicely and build and sanding were quite good. I had no issues with it and liked it well enough to purchase another quart for the next panels I had to rework.
  • Great stuff
    I am a DIY guy and I really enjoy doing something myself. I will admit I knew nothing about body work. I read and watched videos to get a general understanding but the advice and tech support from Eastwood can't be beat. This product makes body work so easy, apply a couple of coats block sand and reapply in the areas that need it. It truly looks professional when I am done with a panel, I follow it up with the Eastwood Urerhane Primer/Sealer and it is ready. This fillable primer really is something to see, it ad hears to the substrate, drys quickly and sands very easy. I started out with a 1.8 tip and it was okay but not enough.. I stepped up to a 2.5 and now it really fans out and spreads out evenly. Recently I learned you can thin it with a small amount of Acetone, can't wait to see how that works.
  • Great product
    Lays down well. Builds great, sands easy. Had to reduce it with acetone, or lacquer thinner, but sprays on really well. I do recommend this product. I sprayed this with shop temperature around 50 degrees and it still worked great even though the label warns against temp below 60(I think-read the label). It does begin to thicken in the can once you open it. You better be ready to spray all of it.
  • contour primer hardener
    I bought this a couple of months ago and finally got around to using it. First i had to overcome the ridiculous amount of recommended drops of hardener for 8 ounces of primer. I solved that problem by getting some plastic suction draw tubes from a drug store. You draw out 12 cc/ml of hardener to cover 8 ounces primer and put it into the primer , stir and spray easy peasy. But counting out 240 drops of hardener, thats really stupid.
    I would suggest that eastwood include 6 of the suction draw tubes with every gallon of primer. Also the small bottle of hardener is not going to last the whole gallon. It sprayed well with a 1.8 suction gun. Tech guys are very helpful on phone when i ask questions.
  • Worked great!
    I am new at doing body work and I was just a bit nervous when it was time to mix and shoot the primer but I went ahead and follow the instructions and It came out great.You cant shoot this primer in tempetures below 60 degrees so I split the garage in half with painters plastic staple to the ciling and turned on an electric heater over night and it was nice and toasty the next morning.I used a 1.8 to shoot it @ 37# pressure @ the gun.I also notice that this is very thick so consider buying a paint shaker cause I try the paint stick and I could not do anything with it. Also you may think that one gallon would go along way I say think twice and get another one or maybe a quart cause 1 gallon will go very fast. Remember that you may end up putting at least 3 coats of this before you even begin to start sanding and MAYBE 2 or 3 more if you have low spots. So the product in my opinion works great, good luck to you all on your projects.
  • Works great
    I bought this primer/filler for my 66 Pontiac LeMans restoration. Got all of the body work completed and used 1 gallon for the first coat of primer. Sanded down with 220 and now for the next coat on Saturday. It block sands very well and fills in shallow low spots great. The final coat will be Urethane Primer to seal the deal. I plan to use this primer for all of my future builds. I would recommend this product because of its high build and ease of sanding. I'm very happy. Thanks
  • Saved so much time and money
    I have always had so much trouble getting clean lines and making the moldings look new. The Contour primer made it easy and saved me a lot of bodywork. It filled in imperfections and made crisp lines. This blocks and shapes so easy. A must for someone looking for that show look
  • It worked great for me
    Used it a 1961 Karmann Ghia with results that would of taken me weeks ( I am not the best body man) . My paint guy did not roll his eyes this time. Stir well with a small mixer . I made mine with 2 ft of 1/4 rod with washers welded on like a boat prop. Mix pint- quart at a time . Any more and you will be a expert in gun cleaning.
  • Love Eastwood products!
    Great product, works as advertised. Love Eastwood products
  • Great product!
    I Sprayed my 1967 Chevelle Malibu sport coupe sands great, has good build quality, and will use again Eastwood! Thanks for this product!
  • Great product .. And great value!
    Sprayed with 1.8 tip! mixed as suggested on the can thinned out with accitone sprays beautiful! Sands with easy effort! It's my second gal! Would use again and again! Smooth! Sailing Eastwood!
  • Great Product!!!
    I purchased my first gallon of Eastwood Contour Polyester primer a month ago and used all of it up already. I had a relatively straight panel to after doing my rough body work with body filler. I then sprayed the Contour primer and I thinned it 10%. It sprayed great through my 2.3 tip. I used dry guide coat and sanded it smooth with 220 and then again with 320. It sanded like chalk after drying for only 90 min @ 70 degrees! The panel is lazer straight and ready for 2k primer after 1-2 applications of the Contour.
  • Easy Sanding
    Great product. Matches features as specified. Two suggestions: 1) Shake product prior to shipping to customer; product was very settled in bottom of can and extremely difficult to stir; 2) It wasn't clear that the proper amount of hardener shipped with the product, so I ordered hardener, but it turns out I received the proper amount of hardener with product.
  • New Catalyst/Hardner
    I have used gallons and gallons of this product, and for the value, ease of sanding, it is now my primer of choice. I mix a quart at a time, 1/2 bottle of hardner, with a small (capfull) amount of Acetone. With a 1.8 tip and the needle out to maximum volume, it sprays real well. I just bought a 2.2 nozzle, to see if I can move a little faster. All in all, it is a great product. Jsut received another gallon today, and dang, it came with 7 tubes of hardner?? If there were 8 tubes, no problem, but 7 tubes?? I'm glad I still have a bunch of the bottles, so I can divide it all up.
  • Excellent
    Another great Eastwood product! Very easy to spray and lays good when thinned just a little. Easy to sand. Used on 100% of my wifes 57 chevy body, to make it as straight as possible. Highly recommended.
  • another good polyester primer
    ive used all of the major brand polyester primers over the years. They all seem to aquire their own spray technique. Whereas I could get away with a 1.8 tip using evercoat featherfill, eastwood contour I had to use my 2.2 unless it was reduced the 10%...still a good HIGH build great sanding primer dry and wet. May be worth the $10 xtra dollars to buy featherfill G2 still. But im going to buy the contour primer again..like someone said above..Make sure to measure precisely. You have two Catalyst bottles = 64ounces or half gallon each. Peal of the label, mark the bottle mid way now you have quarts 32oz...divide into four and you hav pints 16oz. Stuff dries fast don't ruin it !!
  • A real time saver
    This paint is a gem to work with as far as getting panels straight as glass. It is a bear to mix if it has settled, but I found a paint mixer at Harbor Freight (part # 41014) for $3.99 and it made a world of difference. When you buy from Eastwood you know you're getting good products.
  • Great Product
    Great Product, Staff was very helpful
  • easy to use product
    Great product... one suggestion I offer is to remove the label on hardner and mark lines dividing it in half for quart(32oz) mixtures or in 4 equal parts for half quart (16oz)mixing. I also experimented with polyester fiberglass hardner with same results as supplied hardners in kit...
  • Very Happy
    For the last 20+ years I've used Featherfill on my high end builds that need laser straight pannels. I decided to give eastwoods version a try due to its sale price. Overall I'm very happy with the product. Its been my experience with all of these firberglass resin high build primers no matter the brand its prudent to be patient and let the product cure over night before blocking. I like to play it safe. I've had shrink back issues due to haste on some past projects.
    As far as mixing, the stuff needs to be shaken thoroughly. It does settle! and stirring alone will not abolish the lumps.
    As far as adding the catylist, the mixing by weight instructions were too complicated and I can see it might be intimidating to new users. I like to use the KISS theory. My Kit incuded one gallon of primer and two bottles of catalyst. Peel back the warning lable on the cat. and eyeball or measure with a ruler half of it contents and draw a line on the bottle at the half way mark. Using a mixing cup pour a quart of primer into the container and one half of one bottle of catalyst. By doing it this way everything is divided equally as it came from the manufacture with out waste. I would also suggest that you only mix one quart at a time due to pot life parameters. If you mix too much at once It may start to harden before you get to use it all. Especially if the weather is warm. I KNOW!!!
    Be sure you use a large tip on your primer gun and apply as needed.
    As stated prior I like to come back the next day before I block. Sands Great but so have all the other priducts I've used. At any rate I'm very happy overall especially at the sale price.
    Keep in mind that this stuff as good as it is dosen't negate the need for good body work before hand.
  • Great Product
    Product sprayed out nice and smooth. Sanded very easily, didn't clog paper like some polyester spray fillers

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