Eastwood Backing Pad 4.5in 5/8x11 Shaft

Works with our 4-1/2" Cleaning Disc 31094 and Stripping Discs 31086.

Eastwood Backing Pad 4.5in 5/8x11 Shaft - EW31073

The Backing Pad accepts both the Cleaning Disc (31094) and the Stripping Discs (31086) The Cleaning Disc produces an 80 Grit finish and the Stripping Disc provides a 320 finish. Check your Grinder Data Tag (on tool) to determine spindle diameter. Backing Pad is standard for 5/8" x 11 Grinder Spindles.

How To Remove Paint & Rust with Stripping & Cleaning Discs - Kevin Tetz

In this segment from the Web TV Series "Hands-On Cars", Kevin shows you a great way to remove paint and rust using Eastwood Cleaning & Stripping Discs.

  • Good product
    The pad works as intended. The only problems I had with it were operator error. I got too close to sharp edges a couple of times. The pad can't handle that. Best to have a backup pad.