Eastwood PRE Painting Prep

Removes silicone, wax, polish, grease; promotes paint/powder adhesion.

Eastwood PRE Painting Prep - EW10041

The final step in surface paint preparation - Eastwood's PRE™ Paint Prep - just spray or wipe on, and wipe off!

Proper surface preparation is one of the most important factors in helping you achieve a high-quality final finish. Our specially formulated PRE Paint Prep helps you prepare a surface for painting by removing dirt, wax, polish, grease, silicone, buffing compound, even road tar, ensuring a clean surface that's ready for final painting or powder-coating. Auto paint prep gets no easier!

Removes silicone, wax, polish, grease and dirt
Helps promote paint adhesion
Easy spray-on, wipe-off application
Available in aerosol, 30-oz., or gallon
Available in a Low-VOC formula for regulated areas

PRE Painting Prep is very easy to use: just spray it on and wipe it off. Works better than lacquer thinner, which can leave a thin residue on the surface that could interfere with paint adhesion.

PRE Painting Prep is a blend of solvents that may damage plastic, so please test first.

Works better than lacquer thinner that can leave a film behind, possibly compromising paint adhesion. Use to prepare surfaces for all Eastwood paints, including our exhaust manifold paints. On waxed areas, or surfaces that may have silicones, more than one application may be necessary. The 11-oz. aerosol can treats 10 sq. ft.

Use in a well-ventilated area, or wear a respirator.


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The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

PRE Painting Prep - Clean Parts for Paint

PRE® Paint Prep is the perfect way to remove silicone, wax, polish, grease and dirt...just spray or wipe on, wipe off! Single most effective remover for dirt, wax, polish, grease and much more! Helps promote paint adhesion! Easy application and removal It's the final step in auto body paint prep and metal prep Perfect for cleaning parts prior to powder coating.

  • Great Cleaner, Surface Prep and Seam Sealer Smooth
    I purchased seam sealer and this product to seal seams on my 66 Cobra I am building. The video on the seam sealer suggested using the pre Painting Prep to smooth out the sealer and it worked exactly as advertised. After brushing on the seam sealer; spray a little of this stuff on an smooth it out with a brush or your finger ... looks very professional.
  • Great Stuff
    This is one of those products that you want to have around your shop for a number of reasons... It not only cleans up paint messes, but cuts through the grime and gunk and makes prepping metal for paint a breeze.
  • Amazing Product
    Initially I bought this for repainting my car...I loved it so much, I use it before painting anything. Works great as a parts cleaner as well. I even used this stuff on my windows instead of goo gone to remove all windw tint adhesive. Great stuff! However, I would recommend wearing a mask if using for a pronlonged amount of time.
  • Worth it!!!
    This cuts through dirt and grease easy. I like to use it also for cleaning nasty grime off of wiring harnesses, wires and related connectors. Looks like new.
  • Great Product!
    Purchased a can to get my motorcycle ready for paint. It worked great. No issues with the paint or the plastic. I sprayed it on a rag and wiped down all my parts. One can was more then enough. Would definitely order again!!
  • Amazing
    I purchased this along with the Chevy Blue paint to repaint my 468 BB, to say the least I was impressed. Customer service helped me track my shipment from start to finish as I wanted to material to arrive in only 5 days which it did and delivered on a Saturday just in time to begin prep and paint. The PRE cleaner is amazing I used a wire wheel to remove the old paint and then applied the PRE treatment and the block looked brand new! I applied 5 coats to the block and the finish is absolutely great. If you are painting your engine block Eastwood is the way to go. Side note I also have used the PRE as a degreaser its far and away better than the stuff you can get off the shelves
  • garage staple
    cant keep enough of this on the shelf , use it for everything , best prep stuff I have used.
  • Pre Painting Prep is great
    I've used Pre on several areas of my project now. It works great to remove the oil from new sheet metal stock before you start working it. It cleans your panels of all oils and dirt to ensure a clean painting surface. The aerosol cans are very handy and I just purchased the quart size for my spray bottle for larger areas..
  • Fantastic
    I used many cans of brake cleaner on a Girling brake caliper. Prior to painting I hit it with a light spray of PRE. You wouldn't believe how much more dirt was removed. No problem with paint adhesion.
  • Pre Painting Aerosol
    This product worked well for me in cleaning vinyl surfaces for paint. Cleaned the surface once and let dry, cleaned a second time and let dry again before paint and it worked well. It is also useful in cleaning small parts such as bolts and even wires that have gotten oil or grease on them. Follow with an application of simple green which leaves a slight sheen and you are done.
  • Great Stuff!!!
    I use Eastwood Pre as a quick wipedown before I paint anything. It works better than standard chemicals like mineral spirits and acetone.
  • Its works!
    This stuff works GREAT!! I've all ready ordered more!.
  • Top 3 priorities in our shop...
  • Just WOW!
    Bought this for cleaning an aluminum tri power intake manifold for my 67 Vette big block. The intake had a lot of years of baked on grime. Sprayed this on, and back to bare metal with once application. Amazing stuff, and leaves no residue behind. Do yourself a favor, get this and the Aluminum prep cleaner, and you won't believe the difference. Great stuff hands down.
  • Great Stuff
    This pre-prep aerosol works great! I've never had a clean surface to paint, without a boat load of work and time. I was shocked at how quickly the pre-prep cleaned the surface.
    I bought it on a dare from my dad, who also didn't think it would work very well. We were both shocked. So much so, that I bought a case to have on hand.
    Thanks, Eastwood!
  • Great Product
    I wish I would have found this stuff years ago. I do a lot of aluminum polishing on vintage motorcycles and the compounds were always difficult to remove. this product is easy to use and really cleans off that waxy compound with ease. I've also used this prior to rattle can painting and powder coating. I always have at least 2 cans of this on hand.
  • Works Wonders!
    I bought this a while ago while I was cleaning out my engine bay and preparing for paint. I was using engine degreaser as well as brake cleaner to get out the old gunk and build up. Then I tried this and worked better than brake cleaner! It also does not leave any residue on whatever it is you're cleaning. I would recommend this to everyone.
  • doc
    Great stuff
    I have been using both the 30oz. and the aerosol PRE for the last few years. Since using these materials all of the contaminants that somehow manage to get into the project have been eliminated. Far fewer fish eyes and better adhesion of paint products to a super clean surface is what we all try to achieve in our restorations. PRE works.
  • Great product but I have had 3 cans quit spaying
    I called to let Eastwood know about the problem I had w/ 3 cans and I didn't ask them to replace them. A few days later I received 3 cans. I've been dealing with Eastwood since the 80's and they are great to deal with and all their products work. They get 5 stars from me for Quality and workmanship.
  • This stuff rocks!
    Used this in liquid form on tons of chassis and engine parts, and then used this aerosol on headers this week. It's great! All results were awesome except fisheye on one of the small header supply tubes - wiped with lightly sprayed wrag after the first coat and viola! - perfect finish.
  • Excellent Product
    This is only the second time I have used this product and the results was excellent. Taped off the seams and applied the seam sealer with a brush, sprayed it with the PRE, smoothed it out with a new brush, removed the tape and it all looked better than the OEM seams. Excellent product.
  • Excellent Stuff
    This stuff works on all kinds of chemicals. I hardly touch any of my other chemicals to clean or remove contaminants and/or glues. Not wood glues of course. Gloves MUST be worn, or your hands will become very very dry. My finger tips will crack if I don't use gloves.
  • The Best PRE-PREP !!
    I have been using Pre-prep on my powder coating for years, it is the best last step cleaner I have ever used. I also use it for an all-purpose cleaner too. I catch it on sale and order 3 at a time. Great product as all Eastwood's Products are.
  • should come with
    The weather here in Minnesota finally cleared and was able to try the Pre Paint Prep and the Rust Encapsulator Silver aerosol. Easy to use and had great results. Would suggest that the product come with a pair of the black Latex Gloves.
  • Much easier to use than typical wax and grease rem
    I'm doing a rotisserie rebuild on my '68 AMX and I really like the way Pre works. It' so much easier to apply than typical wax and grease remover, does a great job of cleaning and goes a long ways so it is really economical to use.
  • Very convenient
    I've used both the gallon and aerosol version and both work great. The aerosol is more convenient than wiping on from the gallon but costs a bit more over time. Cleans well and not as abrasive or caustic as lacquer thinner..
  • Works as Advertised
    So many things turnout better when you have a clean surface and Eastwood Prep gives you just that; a clean surface. Are there other products that will work? Yes, there are, but why not go with a name you can trust.
  • Great products
    All your products get an A+ from me I purchased a welder with accessories and now Pre Paint awesome products without spending all day driving all over looking for what I want with a great price to match. Thank you.
  • Added bonus
    I noticed that the can said to use it to clean out the extension tube and nozzle for the internal frame coating product. It worked like a charm! Now I can use it on any product and not have to throw it away.
  • Excellent
    This product (Pre Painting Prep) is representative of many products that I have purchased from Eastwood. I use this for cleaning and prior to most powder coating applications. I always try to keep some handy.
  • Pre Painting Prep Aerosol
    This product is an excellent cleaner. I have used it several times to clean a part that I intended to paint, only to realize that the Pre did such a good cleaning job that painting was not even necessary.
  • Eastwood PRE Works Great!
    I've been using this product on all automotive painting operations to ensure there is no oil or grease residue to interfere with paint adhesion. Very easy to apply, wipe off, and paintg.
  • Excellent painting prep. Removes all contaminants.
    Really gets the surface ready for paint. I always keep a can in with my painting supplies. Paint is getting very expensive. I use this product for a smooth surface and good adhesion.
  • Works as advertised.
    Works very well but as the instructions say to test on an obscure place of what you are going to paint. Especially if the item is plastic or has any other type paint left on it.
  • Great Product, Great Price
    I've used this product for a while now, and its truly one of the best out there. Currently I'm using it to clean the undercarriage of my '89 Mustang GT project. I don't think the car was undercoated from the factory, but if it was its the weakest undercoating I've ever seen. Basically the underside is coated in a greasy, oily, dirty gunk. The good news is that it kept the car from rusting during the past 27 years. The bad news is that it gets you filthy whenever you have to work under the car. Since I'm basically doing a full resto on this car, and it will be garage kept and never see winter use I'm cleaning all that gunk off the underside so I can treat any minor rust and fully undercoat the car. Pre cuts right through the gunk with a little elbow grease from a wire brush and Scotchbrite pad it just disolves the junk to where I'm left with the factory primer on everything and a great surface to undercoat. It seems to even remove any overspray, which is good because I'm changing the color of the car. This is a great product that is very cheap. A can also goes a long way. This is great stuff for heavy cleaning through final surface prep.
  • Pre Painting Prep
    Used to clean spray hose after spraying internal frame coating and it worked great. Will always have a can of this around my garage.
  • Great results
    Repainted some Jeep flairs. Scrubbed with soap and a brush then power washed and paint prep still took off a lot of buildup.
  • Excellent product that I have used several times. Works well and easy to use. I would not paint without using this firs.
  • This stuff is powerful
    It has to be one of the most aggressive cleaner and prep i have ever seen. But do it outside as the fumes are strong.
  • Excellent results...
    I used this cleaner on a new differential before applying primer. Still have to wipe it down but it worked well.
  • Amazing results
    Used on frame before encapsulate and took years of grime off quickly, made prep much easier. Highly recommend.
  • Great product!
    This product works well and is easy to use. I have only used to prep for powder coating but has worked great.
  • great product
    I purchased this along with Eastwood's Plastic Resurfacer , I used as directed, it worked just great.
  • Pre Painting Prep
    Excellent for paint prep, great cleaner. Would like to see larger containers at a reasonable price.
  • Worked as advertised
    Just tried it for the first time and it works great. We'll continue to use it in our shop.
  • Super product I'll buy more
    I bought this for cleaning small parts for paint as well as powder coating. Works GREAT!
  • Great product
    I use it to pre treat and prep parts before I powder coat them , works great.
  • Great stuff, de-greases well and really helps
    Wonderful at degreasing and helping paint to adhere to the metal parts.
  • product accompany with simple to follow instruction
    not just a great product but with practical direction from the website.
  • Worked better than expected
    Says will leave surface ready to paint .. and it did a great job.
  • Easy Easy Easy
    GREAT! Try it you'll like it. Buy it at the store or on line.
  • A Real Cleaner
    I have bought it a few times over the years, works great.
  • Great for prep-work (have used it for years)
    There's not much to say about this except that it works.
  • love this product
    great price works great for prep on plastic lens.