PPC Benchtop Blast Cabinet

An affordable way to media blast parts without taking up much room in your shop.

PPC Benchtop Blast Cabinet

A great new "toy" for the shed. A desktop sand blasting cabinet that won't break the bank (great present for the hard-to-please Dad). Sand/bead blast all those small parts to give the professional finish the pros get. Comes with an internal light, built-in heavy duty protective gloves, spare nozzles and all fittings.

It is very easy to use and gives great results; can even be used for designs on glass

Size is 58cm x 48cm x 49cm

Compressor requirement is a constant 5cfm at 80 psi.

PPC can supply a 25kg bag of glass beads but due to the different blasting requirements these are not supplied with the kit.

The smart, space efficient design of this bench top media blasting cabinet really can't be beat. The whole hinged top of the cabinet is both the access door, and the view window. This gives you much greater access to the inside then even some full sized cabinets.

PPC Benchtop Blast Cabinet


Always wear proper safety equipment when operating this type of equipment. Always fully read and understand the instruction manual before use.

  • Great item and good size for small shop
    I bought this item for doing small parts for a 1965 GTO rebuild. Insulation was easy to put together. Frist part I did took about 15 min and was ready for paint. Would have taking me hour or two using a wire wheel and holding in a vise. Paid for it self I feel the first time. its a time saver. work very well. Only thing I recommend is you put a little black RTV glue in the corner were metal meets. Make it more airtight and sand doesn't blow out. Second the tube that your wet vac hooks up to you will have to make adaptor for to make airtight. Other then that it is a great size for my shop and work very well.
  • Really nice blast cabinet
    I ordered this cabinet a few months ago to use for a Mach 1 I'm slowly restoring. When it arrived, the box looked beaten up, but once opened the cabinet was in great shape. I've been using it cleaning heavily rusted parts and it does a fantastic job. My advice would be to ensure you have a small shop vac to hook up to the provided pipe. I tried using it without it at first, using just the filter at the outlet, and in just a few moments I couldn't see at all. Once I hooked up my vacuum I had little issue with dust. Also to avoid clogs make sure you have very dry air going through the nozzle or it will clog. All blasters will clog with damp air, this isn't a fault with the cabinet.
  • Support on website could be better
    Unit will be great once I get it together. My only complaint is that the manual wasn't available online (even HF has theirs online). If it had been, I could have built the cart for it and had it ready when the unit arrived. Because of MY schedule it'll be two or so more weeks before I can get to it. Not Eastwoods fault, just an idea for their web designers.
  • Very nice little shop unit
    Didn't realize I had to put it together, Ha! But, went together easily and quick. As a previous poster said, put a little silicone sealer in the corners, they leak a bit. I use this blaster for metal work, works very good. I built a stand for it on rollers so I can easily move it out of the way in the shop, which works great.
  • Very nice unit
    This was my first attempt to sand blasting and I couldn't have chosen a better unit to start out my quest for this type of projects. I was totally surprised what this bench top unit could do, Very pleased with any thing I've bought from Eastwood and their help is outstanding and just a phone call away.
  • Nice cabinet
    .I bought this to clean small parts from a tractor I am rebuilding. I have not used it yet , waiting for the glass blasting medium. The cabinet went together nicely and looks great. The gloves look like they should grip very well