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Wurth Stone Guard Spray

This rust-proof coating is sprayed on in minutes, dries in just a few hours (two to three), and offers heavy duty protection for years.

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Wurth Stone Guard Spray - 500ml

WURTH Stone Guard is a premium-quality, paintable surface protectant designed for automotive applications.

It forms a hard, textured finish that helps prevent chipping and abrasions caused by stones and debris while inhibiting the development of rust.

An easy to use high build, paintable rocker coating that matches OEM textures and provides excellent abrasion and chip protection, sound deadening, and corrosion resistance.

Stone Guard is ideal for applications where heavy or coarse texture patterns are desired.

Climate-optimised, water-based coating mass which can be painted over.

▶   Dries through down to -10℃
▶   Depending on the application method, fine and coarse textures can be sprayed.
▶   Very good anti-drone effect.
▶   Very high abrasion resistance.
▶   Suitable for oven drying.
▶   Very easy sanding after through-drying.

This rust-proof coating is sprayed on in minutes, dries in just a few hours (two to three), and offers heavy duty protection for years. Wurth Stone Guard Black protects the wheel wells, rocker panels and undercarriage of your automobile from inevitable damage from stones, debris, salt water, and road chemicals that eat away at the finish, paving the way for rust. Wurth Stone Guard Black, a rubber/plastic ultra-protective spray-on coating is easy to apply, tough as nails, and can be painted over, so as to match the color of the car. One or two thin coats in your wheel wells and on the undercarriage provides permanent protection from originators of rust. The handy spray can means no messy cleanup or applicator tools. The textured, hard but flexible material deflects all manners of shrapnel that can abrade, nick and chip away at the under-surface of your car. Best of all, it's waterproof, so rust doesn't stand a chance.

Areas of applications:
For repair and restoration of the original texture and for protection against stone chips and corrosion in all visible areas e.g. front and rear valances, side skirts. etc.

Shake can well before use.
The application surface must be dry and free of rust; dirt and grease.
Old coating mass should be removed. Can be painted over with all paint systems after approx. 12 hours (depending on coating thickness), especially water-based paints.
Optimum spraying distance is 30 cm.
Working pressure : 3 - 6 bar.

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