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Roy's Diary of his restoration of 1966 BJ8 Healey Blue

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In Jan 2004 I purchase a 1966 BJ8, an import from the USA. The car was originally delivered to Hamilton Canada in 1966. The colour was originally Healey Blue.
The condition could be described as normal with rusted outer sills, boot floor, outriggers, door pillars, damage to the front shroud. With this restoration my intention was to do it all myself and to this date nothing has been a big issue.
The most important thing for restoring a car is time (plenty of it ) and careful planning, it’s not rocket science.
An important part of the restoration was to keep the car original and use the best paint systems possible to avoid it returning to its present state.
I chose POR 15 products for its rust resistance and durability and ease of use. I will then use a good quality 2 pack paint system over the top.
Because the restoration involves cutting away about a third of the vehicle I decided to do the chassis work and basic panel fit before sandblasting the chassis and painting it with the POR-15.
Picking up the car Jan 04
Stripping the car down
On the rotisserie Feb 04
Rust in sills – and everywhere!!
New sills, floors and outriggers April 04
Chassis Gusset treat with Por15 before Replacement section is put in. Due to lack of access once the new piece is in place
Replacement section
Su Carburettor before rebuild Aug 05
After rebuild. All zinc parts have been replated and new Carburettor kit fitted. It was then coated with POR-15 Glisten PC for an everlasting new look. The only part not coated is the Dashpot cover which will be light glass blasted to give factory look just before it goes on the road
The heater box was badly rusted and was sand blasted before treating
The heater box came up great. First a coat of POR-15 black then a light skim coat of P38 filler, then another coat of POR-15 and finished off with POR chassis coat (satin) to give the correct finish.
Boot rusty section ready for removal Jan 05
Replacement part tack welded into place before tig welding
Boot painted (brushed) with POR-15 ready for 2 pack system at a later stage
My workshop area in the garage
Stripping old paint off, ready for repairing and fit up.
Brush painted with POR-15. Note the lead loading on adjoining guard to get gaps correct
Starting to come together now. Once panels are fitted up and prepped the chassis will blasted and painted also.
The thing I like about POR-15 is the finish you get from painting by hand. At this stage there is no advantage of spraying panels when the finish is this good. It has saved me a lot of time in cleaning spray equipment out and waisted overspray.
In the next update I should have all the panels trial fitted and primed ready for Chassis blasting and painting.
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