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PH: (02) 9999 0122
FAX: (02) 9999 0394
1/4 Prosperity Parade
Warriewood Sydney NSW
Australia 2102
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Quick Easy Reference Guide to some of the uses for PPC products in restoring your car can be found here
Quick Easy Reference Guide to some of the uses for PPC products in restoring your boat can be found here

Sub Categories

Preparation Products
Marine Clean, Metal Ready, Paint Stripper, Solvent
Rust Preventive Paint
POR 15 Rust Preventive Paint stops rust and corrosion permanently
Stirling Silver, Metal Mask, Blackcote - Gloss, Chassiscoat - Semi Gloss, Glisten PC, Pelucid, Hardnose, Whitecote, Glyptal 1201 Internal Engine Coating
Engine Enamels
POR 15 Engine Enamels are a superior quality paint with 80% solids (pigments).
Heat Paints
Guaranteed to maintain rich, brilliant colours without burning off or discolouring
Polished Alloy Resto Kit, Fuel Tank Repair Kit, Rust Hole Repair Kit, Super Starter Kit, Caliper Paint Kit, Leatherique Steering Wheel Kit, POR-15 Plastic Steering Wheel Repair Kit, U Pol Raptor Ute Liner Kit
Fillers (Bogs)
Epoxy Putty, P38 (Fills Dents), P40 (Fills Holes), Fireseal 2000, POR Patch
SW2 Protective Oil, Tank Sealer, Tiecoat, Acid 8, Glyptal 1201 Internal Engine Coating
Artisan Metal Polish, Fuel Preservatives & Stabiliser, gloves, paint brushes, paint can spouts, Preval Mini sprayers, SuperTack Wiping Cloths, INOX lubricants & Battery conditioner, Carnauba Wax
Sand Blaster
A desktop sand blasting cabinet that won't break the bank
Direct To Rust Metal Paint
Bilt-Hamber Products
Deox-C and Gel (rust removers), Dynax S50, Auto-clay
Rejuvenator Oil, Prestine Clean, Crack Filler, Prepping Agent, Custom Colour Dye
Spray Guns Freight Charges

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Article - New Leather for a Few Hundred Dollars?
Leatherique Steering Wheel Kit - Order Now
U Pol Raptor Ute Liner Kit - Order Now
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