OEM Colour Samples

We can make up any colour you like, apart from silver or gold.

Please note: These are OEM Colours. They are Original Equipment Manufacturer colours per each make and really an indication only. They are not our standard colours

Whilst this is what the car came out with, after years in the sun, fade and general use, wear and tear these are very unlikely to match the colours in your car. If you are doing a full re dye then it doesn’t matter but if it’s a touch up only, then we need a sample to match to.

We actually match on the sample so a 1” sq (2cm) is about the minimum needed. A head rest works very well.

We also cannot match to photographs

The numbers under the samples are reference numbers that allow us to find them in our computer in some cases they are the same as the OEM Designation.

BMW OEM Colours
Lexus OEM Colours
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz OEM Colours
Porsche OEM Colours
Rolls, Jag, Ferrari
Rolls, Jag, Ferrari OEM Colours

The above list is SOLD using OUR FORMULA ON FILE. These may not match your seat colour as they are original and Do Not consider sun fade, dirt and wear in the formula. A sample is the only correct way to match.

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