Leatherique Dye - 250ml

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Leatherique Dye - 500ml

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Leatherique Dye - 1 litre

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Original LRPLTD Formula Water Based Leather Dye.

This is the dye you heard about in the 1960's but could not find.

The one and only complex co-polymer formula that is imitated (but not equalled) by others.

Leatherique Dye leaves your leather feeling supple and looking luxurious and new.

Available in a handy brush formula for the do-it-yourself.

Insist your maintenance shop uses Leatherique Dyes.

Developed in 1963 for the Classic Car Market but perfect way to salvage an old leather item (saddle, tack, leather couch, leather brief case) that is irreplaceable.

This dye will also provide outstanding results on vinyl.

We will be selling the dyes on an individual colour basis, as most dye will be colour swatch matched.

Leatherique Standard Colors

These are our LEATHERIQUE Standard Color Samples. There is NOT an up-charge for any of these colors as shown. These colors are Standard to Permanent Painted Coatings, and may or MAY NOT match your interior color. Over almost 50 years we have found that these are the most ORDERED colors that we make.

LRP Burgundy
LRP Black
LRP Euro Black
LRP Off White
LRP Ivory
LRP Parchment
LRP Beige
LRP Saddle
LRP Light Grey
LRP Medium Grey
LRP Dark Grey
LRP Light Red
LRP Medium Red
LRP Dark Red
LRP Green
LRP Brown
LRP Rust
LRP Light Blue
LRP Dark Blue

To order your CUSTOM COLOUR Leatherique Dye Download and complete the following mail order form and send to us along with a sample of your colour swatch. Minimum size 3cm by 3cm but the larger the better.

We don't make up dyes to OEM codes as the leather has generally faded. become dirty and they don't match.

OEM Colour Samples
Please note: These are ALL OEM Colors These are NOT OUR STANDARD COLORS they are ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER colors per each make.

These are OEM samples and if your color is made from these it might not match your colors due to fading by sunlight OR the color as shown on your computer monitor.

The NUMBERS under the SAMPLES are reference numbers that allow us to FIND them in our computer in SOME cases they are the SAME as the OEM Designation.

The above list is SOLD using OUR FORMULA ON FILE. These may not match your seat colour as they are original and Do Not consider sun fade, dirt and wear in the formula. A sample is the only correct way to match.

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