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Our Restoration Brands - Leatherique Products


Leatherique is a natural range of leather care products that were formulated to maintain George Pavlisko Snrs Classic cars over 40 years ago and never originally intended for commercial use. One thing lead to another and now they are know all over the USA and other countries as some of the best leather care products around. Leatherique is still a family owned business in South Carolina and regarded by many in the Classic Car business as the best products available for automotive, aviation and domestic upholstery

What does Leatherique do?

We supply a Leatherique Custom Colour Dye, custom matched, which can be used to restore the colours of faded, stained and cracked leather and vinyl.

Why is Leatherique better?

The Leatherique Range

Rejuvenator Oil
Prestine Clean
Crack Filler
Prepping Agent
Custom Colour Dye
Leatherique OEM Colours
Canvas Dye
Canvas Dye Colours
Steering Wheel Kit
Air Fragrance and Freshener

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