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POR - 15 Process

POR 15 restoration products are designed to work as a complete system. When used together these products provide you with a coating that will not only stop rust and corrosion, but will prevent it from returning. The following products are available individually and many are available in efficient cost savings kits geared to your specific restoration needs. Here is how the system works:

Note: The application of POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint and the use of the Preparation Products will also depend on the type of material and environment for which it will be used in.

Very often not all steps will be required for your application, see the FAQ page


A Good Example of the POR-15 Process. Acid damaged and rusty battery trays are a common problem. Fix them permanently with POR-15. (battery acid & brake fluid won't affect it)

Step 1

Marine Clean. Clean the rust or corroded metal with Marine Clean, an environmentally safe cleaner. Marine Clean will remove dirt, grease, wax or other contaminants that could interfere with the restoration. Leave on for approximately 1/2 hour, repeat if necessary & rinse off with water.

Step 2

Metal Ready. Prepare the rusty or corroded surface with Metal Ready. As a rust remover / pre-primer; Metal Ready will neutralise rust, etch metal for better adhesion, and coat the metal with zinc phosphate to encourage deep chemical bonding of POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint to the base metal and rust. Do not leave on for more than 1/2 hour & rinse well with water. DRY WELL.

Step 3

POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint. Now seal that rusty or corroded metal with POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint. As the moisture resistant POR® 15 Rust Preventive Paint bonds to the rusty metal, it will form an unbelievably tough, almost ceramic like finish that won't crack, chip or peel. Two coats for most general applications and three is recommended for marine use.

Step 4

Topcoats & Tie-Coat. Now you have the option of applying one of our topcoats, Chassiscoat, Blackcote, Whitecote, or any other topcoat system as POR 15® Rust Preventive Paint is compatible with all paint systems. Or apply Tie-Coat our sandable primer before topcoating.


"New Battery Tray". Now you have a permanently repaired battery tray, that will NOT rust or corrode again, in spite of old leaky batteries.