Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench

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3/8" Digital Electronic Torque Wrench is built to provide the precise torque for today's vehicles...accurate to +/–2% Eastwood's 3/8"-drive, Digital Torque Wrench measures more accurately than mechanical torque wrenches, and warns you both visually and audibly, so you can achieve the precise torque required for work on current vehicles.

Measures torque from 7-100 ft.-lbs. and 10-135Nm (Newton meters)
Accurate to +/–2%, clockwise and counterclockwise
Backlit digital LCD displays torque setting and torque reached
Buzzer sounds when preset torque is reached
72-tooth ratchet turns even in tight spaces

Part Number – EW-13630

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Eastwood's highly accurate, 3/8"-drive, Digital Electronic Torque Wrench is built tough, and the slip-resistant grip can help prevent drops. Easy to set and store settings. 4 AAA batteries included.


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Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench Instructions

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

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Very Pleased With Product
I bought this torque wrench to replace a cheap ratchet style piece that I had no confidence in. I shopped around and found the Eastwood wrench to fit all my needs. I used it to finish off a Chevy 350 build. The torque range allowed me to use the wrench for the 11 lbs need on the intake bolts to the 65 lbs needed on the heads. I really liked being able to program in all of my desired toque levels beforehand and then cycling to them as needed. The case is a nice touch and the wrench has a very solid feel. The tone alerts as well as being able to view the torque readout as it increased were both very nice and gave me a confidence that the torque specs were accurate.
excellent tool!
have just bought this wrench and had a test run. works great. the instructions are a little hard to understand, however if you go to Eastwards utube site about how to operate the wrench and read the instructions at the same time,. it all makes sense. You can memorise 5 torque settings and its very easy to put in a manual setting for one of jobs. Becomes easy as after a few goes and with the buzzer and the light to help you, just great! would not go back to old style wrench as my eyes are failing and this is so much easier to see and hear. Well done Eastwood.
Good tool, great value!
I purchased this torque wrench to use as I rebuilt my 1976 Harley Davidson Shovelhead. I had owned 3 Snap-On Digital Tech torque wrenches but sold them when I moved. I was looking for a similar tool, yet affordable. The Eastwood torque wrench fits the bill! It is very accurate and I like the 5 memory function.
There are a few quirks to the wrench. I like using the peak torque function, but it always defaults to the torque tracking function....it should remember which function you selected.
Also, the one that really is hard to get use to is the LED function. When you are approaching torque, the yellow light blinks (that's good), but then it changes to red, which indicates you are within 2% of torque, then it goes to green, which indicates you are 2% over torque. To me, this is backwards. The green LED should indicate the within 2% to torque and red should be over torque.
Okay, bottom line, if you are looking for a very accurate, full featured digital torque wrench, then the Eastwood is a very good choice. It is as accurate as my Snap-On were, yet a 3rd of the price.
Quality/Preset Function/Audible indicator/Case
Old school and was not sure I would be able to learn how to operate a 'Digital Electronic' torque wrench; however, after reading the instructions a couple of times, and with a little practice, I was able to operate the wrench in a short period of time.
I used the torque wrench to reassemble a small block engine and very please with the ease I was able to operate the tool. I own a 'click' type torque wrench but I found it difficult to establish whether I reached the desired torque value, particularly a the lower setting, There are a couple of features I particularly like with this tool; the audible and visual indicator, and the 5 preset function. Entered the torque values from the shop manual and set each of the 5 settings with the desired value and then it was just a matter of selecting which setting I wanted to use for that particular task. I also set the 'preset function' in a progression sequence where I could start torqueing in increments starting at the low value and working up until I reached the desired torque. The item also comes with a sturdy case which I consider a bonus. I would recommend this tool to a friend.
Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench
Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench
Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench
Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench
Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench
Eastwood 3/8 Inch Drive Digital Electronic Torque Wrench