Eastwood Pinch Weld Clamps

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Pinch Weld Clamps hold in tight spaces where larger clamps won’t fit Trying to weld in tight spots but your clamps won't fit? Get this miniature 4-pc. Pinch Weld Clamp Set instead. Holds outer panels to inner heel lips, rockers, trunk well opening, custom dash or door panel fabrication, outer door skins, and more..

250 lbs. of clamping force
1/2" capacity
For pinch welds, flange welds and other uses in home and shop
Holds sheet metal to the edge of a welding table

Contents: 1 set of 4 Pinch Weld Clamps

Part Number – EW-13525

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Handy welding clamps can be used to tightly hold workpieces together for welding, even in constricted work areas. Imported..

Always use caution when removing after welding since the clamps may still be hot.

Pinch Weld Clamps
Pinch Weld Clamps
Pinch Weld Clamps
Pinch Weld Clamps
Pinch Weld Clamps
Pinch Weld Clamps


These are actually very useful little clamps! I initially bought them for clamping some of the patch panels I made for my old Jeep CJ-7. But because they have nice flat jaws, and are adjustable, and you can set the clamping pressure to whatever you need, I have actually ended up using them all over the house! Because you can adjust the holding strength, they can be used on delicate things without leaving any marks on whatever you are working on. I have used them to fix plastic kids toys, jewelry, and even some leather items that needed to be glued together! I even used them to repair my wife's favorite sandals! They are surprisingly simple clamps that just work. Now, Eastwood, if you can make these in different throat depths to work at deeper depths, you have at least one customer that will buy them all!! Excellent, simple, easy to use, adjustable, non-marring. What more could you ask for!!
These clamps have a wide operating range, hold tight, and seem like solid quality. I used them on 20 and 22 gauge mild steel sheets, and .050" aluminum, to make butt welds. They easily open wide enough to clamp two 1/8" bars together, or to hold sheet metal to the edge of the welding table. Although I didn't try it, it appears there is a threaded fitting in the end, which could be used with a bolt, to attach the welding ground connector. While they are useful, and I would recommend them to others, I feel they are expensive.