Eastwood 3-Pack Ceramic/Rubber Blast Nozzles - 3.00mm

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Eastwood Hotcoat Powder

Eastwood 3-Pack Ceramic/Rubber Blast Nozzles - 3.00mm– EW 12112

These ceramic/rubber nozzles are designed to be extremely efficient with cfm usage and extended life.

12112- Pack of 3 Replacement Nozzles 3.0mm ID for the (12064) 100 Lb. Pressure Blaster and the (12065) 200 lb. Requires 15 cfm at 80 psi.

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Use a properly fitted dust mask or respirator, safety glass or safety shield, heavy gloves and long pants and a long sleeve shirt to protect any exposed skin. Use our safety kit # 50097 for complete protection. Assure the dead man valve is operating properly by depressing the valve lever and releasing-assuring it closes over the nozzle under its own spring pressure. If not, do not use the dead man valve until the spring or obstruction is repaired.