Eastwood Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

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The Brake-Flaring Tool lets you create 3 kinds of precision flares, in any of 5 sizes of tubing, in minimal time.

The brake-flaring tool will pay for itself with the first project by creating OE-precision quality and safety brake flares.

Create 45-degree single, double and bubble brake flares in seconds.

Work with stainless steel, steel and soft metal tubing.

Use for brake lines, transmission cooler lines, fuel lines.

The turret-style indexed head keeps all brake-line-flaring flrming dies ready to use.

Quick-release “T” handle screw clamp securely holds the tube-retaining dies.

Includes brake-flare forming tool; 3/16”,1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” amd 4.75mm tube retaining dies. handle.

Instructions and case included.

Part Number – EW-25304

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Article: How to Make Your Own Perfect Bubble Flared Brake Lines Every Time by MattM.

This brake flaring tool mounts in your vise to help you easily form 45-degree single, double and bubble flares in OE steel, stainless steel, and soft metal tubing for 3/16"-, 1/4"-, 5/16"-, 3/8"- and 4.75mm-diameter lines...which means it will handle all your plumbing jobs from brake lines to transmission cooler lines and fuel lines.

"Turret-style" design allows you to make those precision flares in minimal time. All the brake-flaring forming dies you need are mounted right on the turret, so there's no fumbling for small parts, no worry about missing dies. "T"-handle screw clamp securely holds your line in place during forming.

To use, simply insert the tubing, swing the turret to step 1 to set the proper line depth. Turn the turret to step 2, where you'll form the flare. To form a double flare, spin the turret to step 3 to form it without cracks or deformation, and in perfect alignment with the fitting. This assures a tight, leak-free, professional brake flare every time!

Compare to high-dollar European or U.S. models and see for yourself—you can't beat the high-quality results you'll get with this brake-flaring tool. It's a professional-grade tool at a do-it-yourself price. Imported.

Always wear appropriate eye protection.


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