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Eastwood Economy Throatless Shear

Quick, clean cuts in metal: straight, curved or more intricate.

Product Code: EW11797

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Eastwood Economy Throatless Shear - EW11797

Throatless Bench Shear makes quick, clean, cuts in metal-straight, curved, or more intricate

▶   Rack and pinion gearing, plus extended handle, improve your leverage
▶   Tool steel blades slice thru 14 gauge mild steel, 18 gauge stainless
▶   Throatless shear is crafted of rugged cast iron

This is not your typical metal cutter. Our rugged, cast iron throatless shear allows you to make straight, intricately curved and irregular cuts in metal with ease and accuracy.

Eastwood Economy Throatless Shear

Throatless hand shear design amplifies leverage with rack and pinion gearing and an extended handle, so you'll easily slice through 14-ga. mild steel and 18-ga. stainless. Tool steel blades (adjustable for wear) provide burr-free cuts. Metal cutter's base has three holes for mounting this throatless hand shear on your workbench or our 13162 Tool Stand.


Thoroughly read and understand this manual before using.
This tool has EXTREMELY SHARP cutting blades with amplified leverage on the upper blade which can quickly cause severe injury or loss of fingers! Keep fingers and hands away from moving parts when operating.

msds Throatless Shears Instruction Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

How To Cut Sheet Metal - Economy Throatless Shear For Your Workshop - Eastwood

The Eastwood Throttles Shear is a must have in any metal fabricators workshop. See what makes this tool so unique in how well it cuts metal!

  • Fabulous For The Price!!!
    Please keep in mind this is not a $800+ Beverly shear - for the price, it is well made and I'm very pleased with my shear which I purchased a year ago now. I find I can make very accurate cuts, trimming off slivers of metal without smushing or creasing even the thin gauges. I work mainly in copper, brass and some steel sheet. I had no problem with assembly at all.
  • A great time saver.
    We purchased this Economy Throatless Shear for our company's Engineering protoype shop. It works very nice for curved or straight cuts. Metal distortion from shearing the material is minimal. This along with with the brake we purchased at the same time, allows us to make prototype parts in house. This saves much time and money over sending out simple parts to a job shop.
  • Very good tool
    It`s much easier to stay on the line with the shear than it is with my jigsaw. This is a good addition to my home metal shop
  • Good little shear
    Overall I'm very happy with its performance - a few enhancements could make it even better. 1) The handle does not store in the up right position with the blade closed - for safety. If you want it with the blade closed - the handle stick out and gets in your way. 2) I used a piece of angle iron bolted to base so I could use in a vise - making it shop friendly and keeping my benches clear for other work.
  • Absolutely fantastic!
    I had a rather long wait for it to get back in stock. I have been cutting 16 gauge steel for armor smithing. Cuts flawlessly, and I might say a heck of a lot better than tin snips (almost impossible to cut heavy gauge sheet metal).
  • You gotta have one
    First it looked like it could of been a Harbor Freight special, but once I started to work with it it supriesed me. Built a stand for it and mounted next to my bender machine. Now its's a valuable pace of my shop.
  • good value for the price
    This is an imported tool. I bought it at 50% off, so how bad could it be. I took it apart, cleaned off the blue paint, regreased and adjusted the blades. It works perfectly. I got a great deal and the tool performs nicely. Eastwood should make this one here in the USA. Thanks again for great tools and service. JC
    i purchased the throatless shear, it works better than I had ever thought. I don't know why I didn't get one years ago. It's a must for doing any kind of sheet metal work, a real time saver....
  • Dan
    Very versatile
    Between the 30 inch shear, brake slipo roll mahine and this handy tool I can do tons of work with aluminum on my reverse trike project. Another great tool from Eastwood, well worth the cost!
  • worth the money
    I've used this a lot on my truck restoration, makes nice cuts, and works much better than a saw!
  • Economy Throatless Shear
    Packaged and labeled extremely well.Great buy.Will do more business with EASTWOOD
  • Great Tool for the price
    I like it. cuts through aluminum like butter.
  • Very cool
    Good product